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17 Life Lessons Learned From Lauren.


Ever since the early days of Laguna Beach, every girl has dreamed of being as beautiful and smart as Lauren Conrad. Between her long blonde hair, flawless skin, and numerous successes in the business and fashion industry, Lauren is the full package. Along with her beauty, she also has great words of advice for her fans, friends, boyfriends and many more! Here are some of the lessons she has taught us.

1. Ending relationships are tough for everyone. Whether you are trying to get your friend to move on from her ex-boyfriend, or you can’t stop thinking about your old fling, we all can agree forgetting people is difficult.

2. Forgive and forget. Whether you forgive someone and forget what they did, or you forget them in general, holding grudges against people is a waste of time. No matter how badly someone burns you, forgiveness can make things better.

3. Having a big group of friends isn’t always a good thing. Instead of trying to find “your group” try finding a few steady friends. Fake friends aren’t worth your time.

4. No matter how badly you want something to work out perfectly…it won’t. Don’t stress about things not going your way because life is not perfect.

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